As a contribution to wider responsibilities through business Philip Kerr raises money for charity by walking and painting pictures of everyday life on his travels.

Using a mixture of public transport and walking to cross the UK and Europe recent perambulations have included Spanish Andalucia, Gredos and Picos , French Massive Central and Alps, Wales, Mull and the High Atlas in Morocco.

At different times raising money for closely connected causes such as:

Great Ormond street Hospital This is the 2017 charity of the year for HK – please feel free to donate
Families For Children South West based Adoption Agency
Romily Forshall Foundation Direct help to African youngsters needing education and shelter
www.exeterdeafacademy.ac.uk Exeter Royal Academy For Deaf Education- 125 pupils in non-main stream education.
http://csmf.co.uk/ Funding education in Africa
http://www.lionheart.org.uk/ Philip Kerr has been helping fellow suveyors for over 25 years.


Philip Kerr has a dedicated art website at www.philipkerr.me